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About CellPipe

The CellPipe Limited team has been operating together since the late 1980’s providing IT Services to a variety of clients across a broad range of market sectors.

CellPipe Limited provides IT solutions to Small and Medium businesses throughout the South East and London areas. We are able to offer a range of services from “Complete Network Care” down to “Time and Materials” for ad-hoc engineering.

We do not employ any salespeople, all of our business to date has been via referral and word of mouth.

We provide a range of business and support services relevant to our customers' needs, promote applicable new technologies where business benefit can be demonstrated and provide a high quality level of service with excellent customer care.

We do not believe in the “Call Centre” ethos, our clients have direct access to our engineers and we pride ourselves in our response times and attention to detail.

One Company can rarely do everything, however, hence we work in partnership with other companies from ranging from Cabling Engineers, Telephony Suppliers, Electricians, to Specialist Movers. These partnerships enable us to work quickly and efficiently with known and trusted entities.

We strive to work with our customers to understand and appreciate their business, to assist them in setting out their IT agenda whilst supporting them in their day to day activities.

CellPipe Limited's roots go back to the mid-1980s and has grown from an engineering background, many of us having worked for much larger companies and now delighting in the fact that we’re able to offer a personal service out of a smaller company.

CellPipe Limited is a self funded venture and has grown on a sound philosophy and an original approach. It is really simple: we are totally dedicated to customer service and believe in personal contact with clients.

Managing Director & Founder, John Samuel, believes in an honest and sincere approach to business, whilst always looking to move forward and grow he believes that we should not over extend our resources at the cost of our existing client base.

This has led us to grow through recommendation and referral and we pride ourselves in having an extremely high customer retention record. Whilst continuing to follow our company philosophy we hope to continue this trend.